formerly Holland Berson FX

Medical Trainers


“HEAD START is a mannequin that allows surgeons-in-training to practice on a lifelike head and eyelid before graduating to live patients. Practicing on HEAD START will allow trainees to repeat the steps of the surgery in a safe environment.”

This trainer was developed under Human Analogue Applications (HAA) from 2013 through 2016, and has assisted in the training of surgeons to collectively perform over 60,000 sight-saving surgeries around the world.

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“The HEAD START approach is improving quality outcomes across the global trachoma elimination programme…it is truly providing a tool for continuing professional development and lifelong learning.”

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“Released for use in the field in 2015, the mannequin today is the centerpiece of the training and certification process for anyone seeking to perform trichiasis surgery under the MMDP Project.”

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“Gaining confidence, having the opportunity to observe the outcomes of their surgery related to incision and suturing, and promoting critical self-evaluation are among the advantages HEAD START offers for trainees.”